About my KungFu style

To be a Martial artist was one of my dream. Never think I will become a profesional Bboy. But in my dance art, you can see I put KungFu philosophy. I learned Inside Style “Neijia” KungFu been a while. I m not a master yet. As people said “ALWAYS STUDENT.” We all need to keep learning in our life, Acturally, its always the happiest thing for me to learn something what I love. From this year, I started to learn M.M.A. To improve my Thai Boxing skill first, then also learn Brazil Jiu-Jitsu/Wrestling & Dragon Kempo. I hope I can go fighting on M.M.A STAGE before I get 40 yrs old. So anyway, please enjoy my KungFu works recently. Peace.

“Realise Culture, Respect Nature” filmed & Music produced by DJ Just-A-Kid, he is my good friend from Germany. And he is a really talent of Hip Hop art. We made it in Meteora, Greece. And it was just for fun lol by random with no plan. I really love this video.

This show idea was planned by BOTY China press conference organizer. He invited a musician who is really good at Chinese instrument called “Erhu.” But we never really rehearsal together. He just sent me the DEMO music few days ago. Then we perform, thats it!!! Most of my movement was freestyle. I love it too!!!

We made this with a film maker/bboy “Orange” & Bboy Flying Buddha from Russia. The concept is eastern martial art vs western martial art. Its interesting & really really like a movie production. Shout out to Orange & Bboy Flying Buddha!!!

Yakfilm, Taipei Bboy City 2018. Its always pleasure to work with Ben from Yakfilm. He is always professional & got cool idea, also clean sense. The Bboy God father, my teacher PRINCE KEN SWIFT was inspired by KungFu. Then he inspired the world again. Thats why we have the idea to make him as our “Guru.” Put me & Taiwanese stylish bboy Lune, Drummerman in the video together. We made this video fresh & show the world how beauty of Taiwan.

Thats my judge showcase in Hamburg, Germany. I mixed with Taijiquan which is very famous Inside Style KungFu. To use yin & yang principle. Empasizes the internal strength training approaches & launching attack later, overcoming hardness with softness.

World of Dance Taiwan with my opening showcase. This show idea was from my big brother also the show director of the event “Professor Su.” (Sounds like X-men) Mixed with the Japanese traditional instrument Taku. Its was good but I didnt dance very well. So I just put the Recap version. Hope there will be another chance to do this showcase again.

My judge showcase at TheWorld Battle in Porto, Portugal. Filmed by STANCE. I love this one!!! Because it looks like a story. I mixed with my another favorite Inside Style KungFu called “Tongbeiquan.” Literally spreading Power from Back Boxing, as Tong means “through,” bei means “Back” & quan means “fist.” Its a very very ancient martial art.

Meet the French painter Jean-Marc Le Jeune at EXPO MEMO


Jean-Marc Le Jeune

Jean-Marc Le jeune is a painter and draftsman. Passionate for more than twenty years by the energy of the movement, he translated on various supports figurative compositions on this theme.

Jean-Marc sketches, draws and paints the energy that animates all the people he meets for many years: dancers, slamers, sportsmen, musicians ... during their training. He intervenes in the events: the Battle Pro, the WPS, Just4Rockers for hip hop, but also in concerts, and many other places. ... Moving bodies, portraits, in the different environments that he regularly meets every week.

To grasp the instant by drawing has become second nature in its expression. Trying to transcribe as quickly as possible the movement he observes and translate it into color or black and white.

Installed in Essone, France, in his studio, he realizes his works by remixing everything he has in memory of the various events in which he participates.

He also creates tables, posters, illustrations and logos for all those who request it.

In March, 2018 I went to France for bboy event "Lille Battle Pro." Then I visited a Hip Hop exhibition called "EXPO MEMO" organized by my friend Francois Gautret. That exhibition was really surprised me. Its a true Hip Hop Art deal, got really really good quality. It talk about when Hip Hop start in France in 80's.

Dee Nasty et Johnny Go lors d'une free jam à La Chapelle (Paris)/ 1986 © Enrique

Dee Nasty et Johnny Go lors d'une free jam à La Chapelle (Paris)/ 1986 © Enrique

The interesting thing is, the organizer put my KungFu photo at this exhibition. That photo was took by Bboy Niek when we traveled at incredible holly mountain Mt.Emei in China. Thats why it looks so spiritual. And I met the French painter Jean-Marc Le Jeune. I was watching his works all the time during the meeting. He was also so kind to me & promised to draw me down by some KungFu photos. Big honor to me & I really respect his passion, works & personallity. True artist makes art for life.

me & my photos at EXPO MEMO

me & my photos at EXPO MEMO

Me & Jean-Marc Le Jeune

Me & Jean-Marc Le Jeune

Me & the organizer Francois Gautret

Me & the organizer Francois Gautret

Me & Bboy Domk & Francois Gautret

Me & Bboy Domk & Francois Gautret